The Hero's Journey Website

As a budding writer, discovering the hero’s journey was a momentous occasion.

For years I had been convinced that there must be some kind of guide, a set of rules of thumb you could apply to a plot that would give you a better chance of writing a compelling novel than if you just meander all over the place wherever the wind takes you.

Sure, after I had a few novels under my belt, I might start to work what worked and what didn’t. Or I might be such a natural that I would simply write a gripping novel with a perfectly structured plot, without having any idea why.

But I’m not really a fan of working things out from first principles. Especially, when I was sure it must be such a well-trodden path. It just seems a bit of a waste of resources, frankly. And I don’t like to just hope for the best when I could be giving myself an advantage through learning.

The Hero’s Journey is exactly what I was looking for.

This website brings together various information about the hero’s journey, including a basic introduction, a brief insight into its origins, variations and other names, my personal interpretation of the steps in the journey, examples of the hero’s journey, and comments on what the hero’s journey is not.

Read on for a basic introduction to the Hero's Journey...


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